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Portwest Workwear & PPE

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    Pre Packed Plumbing Parts

    Hose Clip ( 2 per pack )

    Hose Clip
Washing Machine Clip
Water Hose Clip
Hose Clip size 0 16mm to 25mm

                 Our Price £ 4.81 inc vat

    1 1/4" Basin Poly Washer

1 1/4" Poly Washer
Plumbing Parts

                 Our Price £ 2.74 inc vat

    Compression Olives

    UD 65390 Compression Olives
Pre Packed Plumbing
plumbing bits
brass olives
Plumbing accessories

    3/4" ( 6  Pack ) Our Price £ 3.37

    15mm ( 10 Pack ) Our Price £ 4.68

    22mm ( 6 Pack ) Our Price £ 3.97

    Close Coupling Kit

    Close Coupling Kit
replacement coupling kit
Plumbing replacement parts
UD50812 parts

             Our Price  £ 6.62 inc vat

    Delta Tap Washer

    Delta Tap Washer
3/4" Tap Washer
Replacement Washers

       3/4" 5 Pack Our Price £ 3.16 inc vat 

    Fibre & CL Washers

    Fibre Washer
Cap Washer

        1/2"  Pack of 10 Our Price £ 2.42

    Chrome Toilet Handle & Arm Replacement Kit

Tiolet Handle Belford
Grab Handle replacement set
Chrome Toilet Handle kit
Chrome Handle

              Our Price £  11.98 inc vat

    Oblong Cistern Washer

Oblong Cyphon Washer
Square ciston washer
Square Cyphon Washer

      Pack of 5, Our Price £ 4.15 inc vat

    Poly Washers Pack of 10

    3/4" Poly Washers
1/2" Poly Washers

         1/2" Our Price £ 2.65 inc vat

         3/4" Our Price £ 3.37 inc vat

    Rubber Cistern Washer

    Rubber Doughnut Washer
Base Washer for Toilet Cistern

              Our Price £ 6.40 inc vat

    Shower Flex Washer

    Shower Washer
Shower Hose Washer
Shower Flex Washer

              Our Price £ 1.93 inc vat

    Cistern C Links 2 pack

    Cistern Hook
Cistern C Hook
Toilet Flush wire
Cistern C Link

             Our Price £ 4.20 inc vat

    1 1/4" Torbeck Washer

    Torbeck Washer
1  1/4"  Torbeck Washer

             Our Price £ 4.39 inc vat

    Vacca Washer 10 Pack

    3/4" Vacca Washer
Vacca Washer

           3/4" Our Price £ 4.32 inc vat

            1/2" Our Price £ 3.37 inc vat

    Straight Water Inlet Tap

    392410 Straight Tap
Washing Machine Tap
Straight Tap blue & Red

                Our Price £ 2.48 inc vat

    Chrome Mirror Screws Pack of 4

    Mirror Screws
Chrome Screws for mirror

                Our Price £ 4.61 inc vat

    Chrome Tap Hole Stopper Replacement

Chrome Tap Hole Stopper
Bath Hole filler
Chrome Stopper for Bach

              Our Price £ 5.65 invc vat

    4 1/2" Poly Syphon Cistern Washer

    Round Poly Syphon Washer
Round Water cistern Washer
Cistern Washer replacement

             Our Price £ 4.88 inc vat

    3/4" Water Inlet Hose

    Washing Machine Water Hose

               Our Price £ 6.88 inc vat

    Waste Water Outlet Hose

    Grey Outlet Pipe
Maching Machine waste water pipe
Grey Pipe on Dish Washer

                Our Price £ 9.41 ex vat

    Angled W/Machine Valve

    Bent Water  Valve
3/4 Washing Machine Tap
Cold Water Washing Machine Tap
Hot & Cold Inlet Tap

               Our Price £ 3.37 inc vat


    W/Machine Tee Valve

    Tee Water Valve
T Shaped Washing Machine Tap

               Our Price £ 4.58 inc vat


    We stock Garden Compost & Bark

    Garden Compost in Belford,Bulrush Decorative Bark, Bulrush Garden Compost

    Bulrush Landscaping decorative bark and Garden Compost always in stock

    Plumbing Accessories

    We have lots of replacement accessories including tap inserts, washers, olives and cistern parts.

    We have lots of replacement parts for cisterns including washers, flush handles and seals. we also have appliance water inlet piping and hoses and stop taps. 

    All types of Tube & Pipe

    Plumbing Pipe in Belford, Plumbing pipe in Nortumberland,Push Fit Pipe,Copper Tube in Northumberland

    Polyplumb, Polypipe, Copper Tube and Overflow Pipe always in stock

    HiVis & Safetywear

    Portwest, Workwear in Northumberland,
Printed Hiviz, C470,Portwest Flame Retardent,B210 Polo Shirts

    We are stockist of Portwest Workwear & Hi-vis

    Free local delivery

    BSB Supplies free delivery,
Supplieirs who offfer free delivery in Northumberland

    We offer a free delivery service between Belford and Alnwick each weekday afternoon

    Hanson premixed bags

    Post Fix in Northumberland
Best price on fast set post fix near me
Hanson Post Fix
Hanson Fast Set

    We have stock of quick set Post Fix, Sharp Sand, Portland Cement and Sand/Gravel  pre mixed poly bags.

    Plumbing Pipe & Fittings always in Stock

Plumbers Pipe and fittings in Belford
BSB Supplies copper tube and fittings
Belford  DIY plumbing

    We stock, Polyplumb, Polypipe &Copper Fittings

    Philmac fittings 40% off list price

    Philmac Stockists
Cheapest water fittings
Nearest Philmac  stock
Farm fittings
Philmac near me

    Take advantage of our great discount  off Philmac fittings

    Our Counter is open to the Trade and Public

    Northumberland Philmac fittings stockist
Dicounted Philmac stockist
Belford Philmac stockist

    Our counter is open to Trades and Public and we are happy to help and assist you

    Safety Boots & Shoes


    A selection of Portwest Safety Boots and accessories always available

    Embroidery Service

    Embroidery Service in Belford
Embroidered Workwear Suppliers

    Our In-House Embroidery Service will put your logo onto your chosen workwear

    Adhesives & Solvents

    Jet Lube V-2 PLUS, FRY Powerflow Flux,
Lead Free Solder Wire,Polypipe SC250 Solvent Cement,Pipe Lube

    We have stock of Pipe Lube, Solvent Cement,Jet Lube, Flux, CT1,Sanitary Grade Silicon and Lead Free Solder Wire

    Hot Tub Hire

    Embleton HotTubHire/Bubblepool/Hot Tub Seahouses/HotTub Beadnell/Hot Tub Hire near me/EzeBubblesNE66

    We also hire out Hot Tubs for the perfect way to spend a few hours relaxing in luxurious on the page to take you to our dedicated web page

    You can also see one on display in our Warehouse here in Belford

    OurWorkwear Range

    BSB workwear
Workwear in Northumberland
BSB Supplies workwear
Embroidered workwear BSB Supplies

    Click on our picture to take you to our range of some of our workwear products available.

    We can supply and quote for any make of clothing you may currently use including Uneek, Portwest and AWD

    BSB Supplies

    BSB Supplies/Belford Caravan parts/Cheap Polypipe Northumberland/Polyplumb Northumberland Plumbing

    Our Showroom is open Monday to Saturday, and we provide a free weekday delivery service each afternoon to all NE70 & 

    NE 66 postcodes


    Caravan & Tourer Spares

    Arleigh Spares
Caravan Spares
Ace Door Catch, Viva Door Catch, Spring loaded Door Catch for Caravan

    We ave stock of all sorts of replaceable parts for a Caravan, Mobile Home or Tourrer



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