We stock push fit, weld fittings pipe & Tube and CT1 Adhesives

Push Fit Plumbing

Pipe Support Sleeves

Polyplumb Support sleeve
Pipe Stiffener
Plumbing Supplies in Northumberland

Code PB6410  10mm  £ 0.32 ex vat

Code PB6415  15mm  £ 0.32 ex vat

Code PB622   22mm  £ 0.39 ex vat

Straight Tap Connectors

Straight Tap Connector
Plumbing Supplies in Northumberland

Code PB715     1/2"    £ 3.02 ex vat

Code PB71534  3/4"  £ 4.52 ex vat

Straight Connectors

Polyplumb Straight Couplers
Plumbing Supplies in Northumberland

Code PB010 10mm  £ 2.86 ex vat

Code PB015 15mm £ 1.76 ex vat

Code PB022 22mm £ 2.34 ex vat


Polyplumb Elbows
Grey Plumbing Fittings
Plumbing fittings in Morpeth
Plumbing DIY

Code PB110 10mm  £ 3.16 ex vat

Code PB115 15mm  £ 1.88 ex vat

Code PB122 22mm £ 2.63 ex vat

Spigot Blank Ends


Code PB910  10mm  £ 0.94 ex vat

Code PB915   15mm £  0.73 ex vat

Code PB922  22mm  £ 0.96 ex vat

Equal Tees

Polyplumb Equal Tee
Push Fit Tee Grey
Plumbing Supplier NE70 NE66 NE65

Code PB210  10mm  £ 4.12 ex vat

Code PB215  15mm  £ 2.83 ex vat

 Code B222 22mm  £ 3.77 ex vat

Branch Reduced Tees

Polyplumb Branch Reduced Tee
Plumbing DIY in NE70 NE66
Plumbing Supply Northumberland

Code PB1115  15/15/10  £ 4.17 ex vat

Code PB1122 22/22/15 £ 3.98 ex vat

One End Reduced Tee

Polyplumb oneend reduced Tee
Plumbing supplies in Northumberland
DIY in NE70 NE66

Code PB1522 22/22/15 £ 3.98 ex vat

22 x 10 4 Port Manifold

Polyplumb 4 port Manifold
Plumbing Supplies in Northumberland

Code PB4822  22/10  £10.93 ex vat

Spigot Elbows

Polyplumb Spigot Elbow
Plumbing Supplies in NE70 NE66
Plumbing DIY in Northumberland

Code PB1015  15mm £ 2.36 ex vat

Code PB1022  22mm  £ 3.48 ex vat

2 Port Manifold 22 x 10mm

Polyplumb PB2822 2 Port Manifold
Cheap PB2822 Manifold
BSB Supplies DIY Plumbing

         Code PB2822 22/15mm 

                    £ 11.74 ex vat

Socket Blank Ends

Polyplumb Socket Blank End
Plumbing DIY in Northumberland
Plumbing DIY

 Code  PB1915  15mm  £ 1.48 ex vat

Code PB1922  22mm  £ 2.09 ex vat

Socket Reducers

Polyplumb Socket Reducer
Plumbing Supplies in northumberland
Plumbing DIY 01668 213130

Code PB1815 15/10  £ 2.82 ex vat

Code PB1822 22/15  £ 3.68 ex vat

4 Port Single Sided Manifold

Single Sided Manifold 4 Port 
Plumbing DIY in Northumberland
DIY Suppliers

Code PB7622104  22/10 

£ 10.93 ex vat

Polypipie Barrier 25 Mtr

PB2515B Barrier Pipe
Polypipe Barrier PB2525B
Plumbing pipe near Belford

Code PB2515B 15mm £42.09 ex vat

Code PB322B 22mm £84.49 ex vat

Polypipe Supplier inh Northumberland
Polypipe Ployplumb North East
Stockist Polyplumb

Barrier Pipe Lengths

Polypipe 3 metre barrier pipe
Barrier Pipe Northumberland
Barrier PB315B
PB322B Barrier Pipe

      15mm x 3Metre £ 6.65 ex vat

     22mm x 3 Metre £ 10.35 ex vat

                 White or Grey

EasyLay PB 25M

PipeLife Supplier
PipeLife Northumberland

                   White or Grey

Code PB9 10mm £ 22.61 ex vat

Code PB1 15mm £ 24.49 ex vat

Code PB3 22mm £ 47.88 ex vat

Pipelife Pipe

PipeLife supplier Northumberland
Pipelife stockist Northeast

Pipelife PEX 25M

PipeLife PEX Pipe
Pipelife in NE70 NE65 NE66
Pipelife stockist North East
PipeLife BSB Supplies


                   White Only

Code PEX1  15mm  £ 19.34 ex vat

Code PEX23 22mm £ 37.94 ex vat

EasyLay PB 50M

EasyLay PB PipeLife
Pipelife PB6G
BSB Supplies Piplife Stockists
Northumberland Pipelife supplier

                   White or Grey

Code PB10G 10mm £ 44.42 ex vat

Code PB2G 15mm £ 48.98 ex vat

Code PB4G 22mm £ 92.97 ex vat 

Pipelife Pipe


EasyLay PB 100M




                    White or Grey

        Layflat 15mm £ 97.61 ex vat

    Pex Barrier 15mm £ 77.36 ex vat   

Waste Pipe Black 3 Mtr

Cheap Black Weld waste pipe
3 Meter Pipe Polypipe

Code WPB40  40mm  £4.21 ex vat

Code WPB32  32mm  £ 4.00 ex vat

Waste Pipe White 3 Mtr

Polypipe Waste Pipe White

Code WSW40 40mm £ 8.43 ex vat

Code WSW32 32mm £ 6.99 ex vat

Waste Pipe Grey 3 Mtr

Polypipe Waste Pipe Grey

Code WPG40 40mm  £ 4.21 ex vat

Code WPG32 32mm  £ 4.00 ex vat

Solvent Weld Waste Fittings

Obtuse Bends

Polypipe Weld Obtuse Bend
Plastic Bend Pipe

Code WS17 32mm £ 1.23 ex vat

Code WS18 40mm £ 1.23 ex vat

Swept Tees

WS22 Weld Waste Swept Tee

Code WS21 32mm £ 1.43 ex vat

Code WS22 40mm £ 1.37 ex vat


WS28 Reducer 40 to 32mm

 Code WS28 40/32mm £1.40 ex vat 

Knuckle Bends

Weld Waste Fittings 90deg

Code WS15 32mm  £ 1.23 ex vat

Code WS16 40mm £ 1.23 ex vat

Straight Connectors

WS25 WS26 Straight Connectors

Code WS25 32mm £1.15 ex vat

Code WS26 40mm £1.23 ex vat

Push Fit Waste

Pipe Clips

WP12 Pipe Clip
WP33 Pipe Clip
Polypipe Pipe Clip

              Grey, Black or White

   Code WP33 32mm £ 0.35 ex vat

   Code WP34 40mm £ 0.38 ex vat

90 deg Bends

WP15 32mm Knuckle Bend
WP16 40mm 90 degree bend

                 Grey or Black

Code WP15 32mm £ 1.05 ex vat

Code WP16 40mm £ 1.05 ex vat

Swivel Bend

Swivel Bends WP23 32mm
WP24 40mm Swivel Bend

                   Grey or Black 

Code WP23 32mm £ 1.40 ex vat

Code WP24 40mm £ 1.40 ex vat

Obtuse Bends

WP17 WP18 Obtuse Polypipe Bends

                 Grey or Black

Code WP 17 32mm £ 1.05 ex vat

Code WP18 40mm £ 1.13 ex vat    

Swept Tees

WP21 32mm Swept Tee
Polypipe Swept Tee 40mm WP22

                  Grey or Black

Code WP21 32mm £ 1.30 ex vat

Code WP22 40mm £ 1.38 ex vat

Straight Connectors

Polypipe Straight Connectors
WP25 32mm
WP26 40mm

                     Grey or Black

  Code WP25 32mm £ 1.20 ex vat 

   Code WP26 40mm £ 1.41 ex vat 

Plastic Pipe Lube

Pipe Lube
Black Swan Pipe Lube

                   1 pint ( .473 lt r)

      Code L025762 £ 4.37 ex vat

Solvent Cement

Polypipe Solvent Cement in Belford
Solvent Cement in Northumberland

       Code L00525 £ 10.80 ex vat

Galvanised Banding

ARB12 Galvanised Banding 
10 Meter Galvanised Banding

   Code ARB12 10M  £ 6.59 ex vat

Overflow Pipe 21.5mm

Overflow Pipe

Overflow Pipe 21.5mm
Polypipe Overflow Pipe
cheap overflow pipe in northumberland

  Code NS43 3 Meter  £ 2.75 ex vat


Overflow Connectors

Overflow Pipe Connectors in Belford


  Code NS44 21.5mm  £0.98 ex vat

Overflow Tee Connector

NS46 Overflow Tee

       Code NS46  £ 1.43 ex vat

Overflow Knuckle Bend

White Overflow elbows

          Code NS45  £ 1.03 ex vat

Overflow Obtuse Bend

Overflow 45deg Bend
NS55 Obtuse Bend
White Overflow Bend

          Code NS55  £ 1.03 ex vat

Solvent Cement


     Code LOO525 £ 10.80 ex vat

CT1 Special Offer

CT1 Black or White

Best price CT1 White or Black
CT1  Black only 6.98 ex vat per tube
( box of 12 )
White CT1 cheapest

CT1 Black or White  Box of 12 @ 

          £ 85.20 ex vat per box

             ( £ 7.10 per tube )

Sanitary Use Silicon


        White or Clear ( Box of 12 )

    Code C3W White £ 36.00 ex vat

     Code C3C Clear  £ 36.00 ex vat

  £3.00 per tube ex vat

BSB Supplies/ Plumbing Supplies/CT1 Adhesives and Sealants

CT1 Clear

Cheapest CT1 Clear £7.99 per tube ex vat ( box of 12 )
CT1 Clear best price
CT1 Adhesive

    CT1C Box of 12 @ £95.88ex vat

    ( £ 7.99 per tube ex vat )